​In 2008 I was accused of sexual abuse. I was referred to Paul by a friend who said he was the best defense attorney around and they were correct! During the next eight months Paul became a huge part of our lives, mine, my wife and my parents. During each and every aspect, arrest, bail hearing, plea agreements. Paul was open, explained each step, and even though I didn’t always like what he was telling me, he was always honest and straight forward. In the end I was sentenced to 40 days in jail, 10 years probation and mandatory counseling. Life could have been much worse; I could have been sentenced to as many as seven years in prison. Paul also helped when I had to go to court on a child support issue during all of the other. He managed to make the court understand I wasn’t in arrearage deliberately and kept me out of jail on a contempt charge by the county. Paul is an amazing attorney and manages to make you feel comfortable and eases you through each and every step of the process.
Staples Minnesota DM

Todd County 2009 - 2017  .20 test reduced from a Gross Misdemeanor to a misdemeanor DUI. Gross Misdemeanor refusal to test reduced to Misdemeanor DUI, No Jail, fine, alcohol problem assessment. Felony DUI reduced to a Misdemeanor following Defense challenge of illegal stop of Defendant's vehicle. Disposition, no additional jail, probation. First Degree Burglary, Mandatory Prison sentence, dismissed. Plea agreement, time served, restitution, probation. Felony Criminal Damage to Property reduced to non-felony sentence. No additional Jail Time. Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct, probation, treatment, no served Jail Time. Arson, Assault, mandatory commitment to prison, result: probation, county jail time.

Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Substance in a motor vehicle, Dismissed. April 2015.

Gross-Misdemeanor DUI reduced to Misdemeanor March 2015.

Felony Burglary reduced to Gross-Misdemeanor, home detention, probation. January 2015.

Felony Strangulation reduced to Misdemeanor, 2017.

Various Assault charges dismissed outright 2017.

Felony Drug Charges Dismissed outright 2017.

DWI/DWI charges dismissed outright 2017.

Wadena County 2010-2016
Seven separate victims including First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. 3 charges dismissed one reduced following Defense Motions. Plea agreement Probation, one year county Jail, sex offender treatment.

Stearns County 2010 - 2016  Second Degree Assault with a deadly weapon reduced to a Gross Misdemeanor, predisposition credit for jail time, balance on home detention. Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Dismissed. 4 victim Criminal Sexual Conduct after 10 day trial, successfully argued for downward sentencing departure resulting in one year county jail, probation. State recommended sentence 364 months in prison. (2012) 2 counts of First Degree Burglary, mandatory commitment to prison. Successful Motion for Downward Sentencing Disposition, time served, probation. 1 count 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, mandatory commitment to prison. Criminal Sexual Conduct Dismissed.

St. Cloud City Attorney 2010 - 2016. Disorderly conduct dismissed by motion of prosecutor following defense motion attacking probable cause. 5th Degree Domestic Assault reduced to Disorderly Conduct.

Wright County 2010 - 2016 Government Employee charged with Gross Misdemeanor Malicious Punishment of a Child reduced to Misdemeanor, Adjudication Stayed, no conviction, No Jail. Gross Misdemeanor Assault Dismissed.

Morrison County 2010-2016 State of Minnesota Department of Corrections denied a request to Violate defendant's parole, following hearing and expert testimony. I have represented clients in numerous criminal cases in Little Falls from 1992-2017. 
I have tried and won Trials involving, Violent Assaults, Criminal Sexual conduct, Financial Crimes, Theft Offenses, Driving Offenses, and many others. I have represented Clergy charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct, Police Officers charged with DUI, professionals and others from all walks of life.

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